4 Things you Should Know about Zeroloss Token Launch

2 min readMar 16, 2022


Written by TUDJE Gabriel

It is no news that the launch of the Zeroloss token (ZLT) is to take place on the 18th of March 2022. So many expectations and anticipations as zerolossers can’t wait to experience one of the most fascinating DeFi Dapp of the age.

The Zeroloss token aims to create and maintain the values of Zeroloss. You can buy ZLT, Stake ZLT, earn ZLT, and trade ZLT. But before the big day comes, here are 4 things you should know about the zeroloss token launch.


Like every other cryptocurrency, the price of the ZLT is equivalent to 0.00002196 BNB and 0.0083BSUD. Please note that the minimum purchase of ZLT is 0.5BNB, while the maximum purchase of ZLT is 4BNB.

Trade Fee

The trade fee can be likened to the gas fee in the Ethereum blockchain. But because Zeroloss is built on the Binance Smart Chain, the fee needed to process transactions also known as trade fee is relatively lower compared to the Ethereum gas fee.

Trading ZLT tokens would require a trade fee of 0.25%. In other words, if you are trading 10,000 ZLT, 0.25% of 10,000 ZLT which is 25 ZLT would be charged as the trading fee. You can see that it is cheaper than most blockchain networks.

Total Supply

Total supply refers to the number of coins currently mined. Like bitcoin, the total circulating supply of ZLT is limited and fixed. The total supply of ZLT is 533,000,000 ZLT.

What this means is that only 533,000,000 ZLT can ever be in circulation. This gives you an edge as an investor who understands the law of supply and demand because you can make profits from the future value if there is a price surge.

Supported Wallets

Digital wallets are used to keep your tokens safe, to be accessed only by you when you need them. Cryptocurrency project normally supports selected wallets to ease payment and integration. For Zeroloss, the supported wallets include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinomi, Ledger, imToken, and SafePal. Be sure to have one of these wallets to easily store your tokens after purchasing them.


The Zeroloss token (ZLT) launch would be one of a kind. As it continues to gain traction, the Zeroloss community trust that the launch would be a success. Zeroloss as a utility Dapp is on a mission to redefine the way crypto users interact with the DeFi ecosystem and to expose the unbanked to the use of crypto and other financial services. #ZLT #Defi #Zeroloss #Blockchain

March 18th, 2022 be the date. Let the countdown begin!!!




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