5 Reasons Why Zeroloss is the Best DeFi Solution

3 min readMar 12, 2022


Written by Tudje Gabriel

So many benefits you can enjoy from using DeFi or decentralized finance. You can lend out your cryptocurrency and earn interest in minutes rather than once a month, you can receive a loan instantly, you can make peer-to-peer trades without a broker, and you can also save cryptocurrency and earn a better interest rate than from a bank.

But if you want to leverage the full potential of DeFi and have the best DeFi experience, then Zeroloss is the best option for you. This article tells you what Zeroloss is and why you would want to choose it as the best DeFi solution.

Zeroloss as a DeFi Utility Platform

Zeroloss is a DeFi utility and decentralized exchange platform that aims to redesign the way decentralized finance is structured to work by providing a reliable system to help people trust one another, work better together, and build global solutions to problems.

Zeroloss which is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, has a clear purpose of solving the never-ending scams and rug pools slowing down the growth of DeFi on BSC. And with the help of the Zeroloss rug checker, Zeroloss provides security to the funds of both crypto users and investors.

Zeroloss is built with the proactive market-making and POE algorithm to give crypto users and the unbanked a sustainable future.

As a trading platform, it offers SmartTrade which is a decentralized liquidity aggregation service that connects and compares various liquidity sources to quote the optimal swap rate between any two tokens. Zeroloss also developed IDO liquidity mining, which is a permission-less, equal opportunity liquidity offering mechanic, as well as customizable technical solutions geared towards professional on-chain market makers.

The currency of Zerloss as a utility is ZLT and it aims to create, bring in and maintain the values of ZEROLOSS, as well as remove all roadblocks hindering liquidity pool creation for the issuance of new assets.

Why Zeroloss?

Zeroloss has a lot to offer, not only to the DeFi ecosystem but to the world at large. The question now arises — why Zeroloss? Here are five reasons why you would want to choose Zeroloss as the best DeFi solution.

  1. It Gives you KYC Checks

KYC stands for “Know your customer” and it aims to protect investors against fraud. With it’s rug-pool checker, Zeroloss carries out KYC checks to give investors confidence. Zeroloss also allows crypto users and investors to perform DYOR on any token onchain, to enable them to spot possible rug-pools.

2. It Gives you the Best Prices as a Trader

Because it is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Zeroloss allows trading between two tokens on the same network. With the SmartTrade feature, Zeroloss finds the best order by connecting aggregated liquidity sources to give traders the best prices. As a trader on Zeroloss, you can also participate in liquidity mining, and earn ZLT tokens as rewards.

3. It allows you to Create and Manage your Market Making Strategy

Zeroloss allows you to create and manage your market-making strategies through the Zeroloss and ZLT Private Pool. Because it is a non-custodial, permission-less process, you are at liberty to configure pools with various parameters to establish liquidity markets with the ideal pricing curves that suit your needs.

4. It Gives you Peace of Mind While Earning More Interest in ZLT

With the POE Algorithm, Zeroloss allows you to earn more interest in ZLT tokens against the staked token not minding the market movement. This will prevent you from FOMO syndrome even in bear market conditions, and allow you to hold onto your crypto tokens and portfolio.

5. It Gives you Early Access to Promising Projects

Zeroloss platform gives you readily available exposure to promising and quality projects that is willing to collaborate with Zeroloss. Screened projects can create liquidity pools on Zeroloss and liquidity providers of these pools will receive ZLT reward tokens.

Closing Thoughts

You can never go wrong using Zeroloss. Zeroloss is here to revolutionize how crypto users interact with DeFi and web 3.0. Zeroloss is focused on spreading the word far and wide, to provide crypto users, investors, and even the unbanked access to opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem. KYC checks, early access to quality projects on Binance Smart Chain, and locked liquidity are what you stand to gain using Zeroloss.




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